Plant Materials

Since time immemorial, Indigenous peoples have learned about the world through our relationships. Plant knowledge in particular has always been central to Indigenous lifeways. We learn from plants through our experiences with them whether it be harvesting medicines, growing food in a garden, or simply paying attention to what grows around us. These activities are meant to support this kind of experiential and relational learning. You will be prompted to look closely, reflect using all of your senses, and wonder about big ideas as a family.

For downloadable and printable files, click these links:


 Plant Arc Overview 


 Plant Cards for Everyone 

  More Plant Cards (Pacific Northwest)


 Plants: Learning About Weeds

 Plants Walking Land: Making Plant Relatives

 Plants Walking Land: Nurturing Relationships with Plant Relatives

 Plants Walking Land: Each One, Teach One

 Plants: Thinking Seasonally & Relationally Using Plant Cards

Nettle Harvest Walk

Sketching Plant Relatives