Indigenous Education Tools is a part of the Building Capacity & Cultivating Innovation: Learning Agendas in Native Education (BCCI) project. BCCI is designed to develop resources and practices that will have exponential impacts on efforts to improve Native student success across a variety of sectors (e.g. tribal, public education, private, non-profit, higher education, etc). BCCI facilitates capacity building and technical support to the "Investing in Native Student Success” portfolio by creating a learning management system for program providers that increases focus and intervention on root causes of inequities for Native children and families, and by supporting the development of innovative successful educational pathways.

To reach this impact BCCI aims to:

1.Increase program providers knowledge of best practices and research;

2.Foster communication, collaboration, and innovation;

3.Support the development, implementation, and assessment of best practices;

4.Informed by these activities, develop strategic high leverage approaches for long-term impacts on Native student success.

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Our Logo

Roger Fernandes is a Lower Elwha S’Klallam artist and storyteller who works with Coast Salish designs and themes. He works in a variety of mediums including painting, printmaking, drawing, and photography. The art/design used for this web page is based on the idea of the “nurse log.” A nurse log is a fallen tree from which other trees grow. The visual metaphor has us consider how we contemporary Natives grow from the old cultural practices, teachings, wisdoms, and philosophies of our ancestors. In this cycle of new life from old life, we see a repeated relationship in nature and in our cultural lives.