Food Materials

Many relatives share themselves so that we might maintain our health and replenish our life force. The food video activities invite us to ponder indigenous understandings of relational balance and current realities regarding food availability, particularly for human people who live in urban and small town areas.

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We invite you to contribute to our developing list of first foods!

Introduction to Food Sovereignty and First Foods

Corn in Early June

Planting Seeds

Berries in the Yard



Freezing Berries Part 1

Freezing Berries Part 2

Canning Basics

Canning Blueberries

Tomato, Potato, & Bean

Cucumber or Squash

Dirt Composition Jar Test

 Dirt Jar Test Activity Sheet 

Drying Berries

Drying Food Basics

Garden with Local Business



First Foods From the Grocer part 1

First Foods From the Grocer part 2

Cucumber Dill Pickles

Jeanette's Pickling GuideJeanette's Pickling Guide

Pickles - Berry, Bean, Cucumber Chips

Corn in July, and Cucumber, Lettuce, Tomato, Potato, Bean